KATTIVO project foresees the development of a technological kit that, applied to traditional airblast sprayers used in viticulture, allows the distribution of phytosanitary products in a “variable” manner depending on the volume of the canopy to be treated, thus reducing the release of pollutants into the environment and waste of resources (eg water, fuel).


The project involves two important Tuscan farms, research institutions and organizations engaged in training and consulting.


The project has a duration of 32 months (February 2019 – October 2021) and is financed by the Call “Support for the implementation of Strategic Plans (SP) and the establishment and management of Operational Groups (OG) of the European Innovation Partnership Agriculture Productivity and Sustainability” Year 2017 – Tuscany RDP 2014/2020 (EAFRD funds – requested contribution € 299.708,05).


Coordination and animation of the Operational Group

Development and testing of a kit in the pilot area 1

Development and testing of a kit in the pilot area 2

Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatments

Analysis of the problems of application of sprayed products on the vegetation of the vineyard and verification of the quality of spraying

Evaluation of the impact and economic sustainability of innovation and transferability scenarios

Divulgation through the Nation Rural Network and EIP Agri and networking with other community networks and projects as well as Operational Groups of other Italian and / or European Regions

Dissemination of project results

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